Things to Remember....

Do you often find yourself trying to keep your head afloat, caught up in all the lists and deadlines for groceries, doctor or dentist appointments, dance classes, etc..?  Here’s a little checklist for you:

- Take a nice, long stretch in the morning.

- Look in the mirror, and say something nice about yourself.

- Wash up and change into something different.

- While making breakfast for your family, make a little extra to make sure there’s enough for you.

- Let the housework sit for a while.

-Play with the kids

- During their naptime, take a nap with them; allow yourself to relax and unwind.

- Open the windows, and play some fun music while fixing lunch.

- If you have a partner, let them take over the parenting duties for a while.

- Catch up on some housework. It might seem a little late in the day to do so, but better late than never. Besides, that nap might have really come in handy by now.

- Have dinner as a family. Share stories. No electronics. No newspapers. No TV.

- Watch a movie together after dinner.

- Put the kids to bed and have a glass of wine with your partner and spend some quality time together before bed.

This might seem like a fantasy written in a movie script, and for most people it is. However, since children are so unpredictable, and no two days are alike, keep this list handy for ideas on how to relax and unwind while planning out your day. Know that these options are available for you, and you don’t have to live a mundane lifestyle. Take care of yourself, mom. You deserve it.