Welcome to the Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition!

If you are a new or expectant mother and often experience sleepless nights, fatigue, loss of appetite, anger, irritability, and most importantly, a decreased sense of joy with your new child, you might be experiencing a maternal mood disorder. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

The Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition (CCMMHC) was designed to change the way prenatal and postpartum mental health care is approached. Our mission is to educate and provide information necessary to understand postpartum mental health, and to offer support to women experiencing these symptoms. Many women experiencing mood disorders often feel there is no one in their corner, and they are left to fight their battles alone. Don’t be afraid to speak up; mood disorders are temporary, albeit common, and can be taken care of not only with professional help, but also with the right amount of support.

The CCMMHC also holds free, monthly peer-to-peer support group meetings to make dealing with prenatal and postpartum mood disorders easier. There is no need for anyone to go through such a trying time alone. The peer-to-peer support group is a great catalyst for meeting new people with similar symptoms, releasing stress that others may not understand, sharing your stories, and forming unbreakable bonds.

The first step begins with you. Take a moment to view our website and get to know Liz Perez Gillenwater, the Executive Director, in our About section. Read her inspirational story and her mission. Peruse our website and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of prenatal and postpartum illness, stay up to date with our local meetings, view online resources, and take note of who to contact for emergencies. We’re here to help. Reach out to us, and let us help you feel like yourself again.

Contact us: Fill out the form athttp://www.ccmmhc.org/contact/ or via e-mail- liz@ccmmhc.org

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