Cloth diapers & Ju-Ju-Be...oh, my!


My love for Ju-Ju-Be and cloth diapers is at a record high right now. I've been quiet for a little while because our a/c was on the fritz and in any area where the temp is in triple digits that is never a good thing. So, we stayed with my parents for two weeks while it was fixed. During that time I revisited the idea of cloth diapering.

During my pregnancy with Sophia I joined various Facebook groups to learn a little bit and even bought a few diapers, but after buying a book and trying to read more it became so overwhelming that I just tossed the idea and gave away my diapers. However, she is growing so, so fast - 6-months-old and already in a size 4 disposable diaper, pushing to a 5, and with her little chunky legs they cause a lot of redness and I just can't imagine that it's very comfortable for her. Sooooooooo, I just dove in this time. I looked at a few name brands - GroVia, gDiapers, Rumperooz, and BumGenius - and, after reading descriptions on their various styles, I decided that the BumGenius Freetimes would be the first that we would try. It was a success after I purchased my first two off the BG b/s/t group. I've begun to feel more comfortable with a few other brands, as long as they are OS AIOs (One Size All-in-One) or OS hybrids I'm ok. At the moment I have 5 beauties: 1 Robin Diapers, 1 Lucky Stars, and 3 BumGenius.

Top row: Robin Diapers OS Hybrid with girly skull, Dr. Who Lucky Stars OS Hybrid Bottom row: BG FTs in Albert, Dazzle and Patch

Top row: Robin Diapers OS Hybrid with girly skull, Dr. Who Lucky Stars OS Hybrid
Bottom row: BG FTs in Albert, Dazzle and Patch

It's not a HUGE stash, but it's modest and growing. I have 5 more diapers and a wet bag on their way: 1 New BumGenius Elemental in Spence, 2 BumGenius Freetimes (Marie and Harper), 2 Sassybumz OS Hybrids (Knight and Heisenberg), and a BumGenius wet bag in Alicia. All I need is to get some Viva paper towels and we will be in business. I thought about getting some 200ct. GroVia BioLiners off Amazon, but my awesome sister-in-law said she read that the paper towels will work too. It's worth giving it a chance since Sophia is not breastfed.

Anyway, all this talk about cloth diapers and working on getting a starter stash got me thinking about my diaper bag situation. At the time I had downgraded to a JJB HoboBe, I quickly realized that just would not do, so I asked the lovely PLs what bags would be best for cloth diapering. I got three responses: Super Be, BRB, and Be Prepared. I love the Super Be for several things, but not for a diaper bag because I need structure. The BRB is very roomy, but I don't like the way it sits on my back when it is fully packed. So, the last choice was to try the Be Prepared, which I had never owned. I took to the bst, sold a few things and bought one. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed when it came in yesterday. It was love at first sight. 

JJB Be Prepared in Bubble Trouble

JJB Be Prepared in Bubble Trouble

This bag is so roomy, roomier than the BRB and I can wear it crossbody.

Look at all that room...I just want to sleep in it.

So, I tried packing it with all 5 diapers (which I will never need, unless we are on a long trip) first using 1 large piece (lotion, evian water spray, small wash towel, etc.), 2 quicks (one for extra clothes for Sophia and one for Zoey's diapers), and 2 fuel cells.

One fuel cell would be for bottles and the other for the Robin & Lucky Stars diapers.

I put the BG diapers in the front pockets inside the large compartment, wipes in the back mesh pocket, the two FCs in the middle with the large set piece, then the two quicks on top.

Then zip her on up! Surprisingly it wasn't too bulky, but I also didn't have anything in the mommy pocket up front.

Ok, so THEN I tried taking out the Robin & Lucky Stars diapers completely and replacing them with the 3 BGs inside the FC. I also removed Zoey's quick, so all that is packed is for Sophia only.

I really liked this set-up more.

Anyway, Zoey doesn't need a whole lot - she's got her matching King's Court quick and light for her weekend visits to Grandma and Grandpa's house ;)

I hope this helped anyone that has been debating on buying a Be Prepared. I know I was pleasantly surprised.

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What's in my bag - Ju-Ju-Be Edition: Perky Toki BRB

Right here is the beauty of my entire collection...so far. She is also what I use as my diaper bag. I have a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old, since my oldest is pretty independent I don't use this bag to carry much for her. So, my youngest gets this one all to herself.

Just like with my BeLight, I don't like having anything loose in my bag. So, I utilize the Quicks I have set aside specifically for this bag.

Before we get int those, here's what I have inside: Huggies wipes holder that fits nicely in the two elastic bands, full-size fuel cell, and three BeQuicks.


Inside the Quicks: one for diapers (disposable, for both girls) and extra burping cloth; one for the aquaphor, Evian water refreshment spray & baby lotion; and the last one is for a few things I might carry instead of carrying my purse. I don't really put much in the mommy pocket in front, I might use it for quick access to my phone.

In the fuel cell I can fit three premade 8oz bottles and two small ice packs. I have learned of a new way to carry bottles with just the water while using small baggies that will hold two scoops of powdered formula (which should make 4oz per baggie). So, if I still wanted to carry three 8oz bottles, I would fill them with the appropriate amount of purified baby water, ditch the ice packs and throw in 6 baggies of powdered formula. Check out my instagram later for a visual of this method. 

Lastly, though they are mostly not used,I still carry a paci pod with two paficiers just in case...but it's mostly just for show 😉

In my next WIMB post I will show you how I pack my oldest daughter's BeLight.

What's in my bag - Ju-Ju-Be Edition: Pinky Swear BeLight


This is my first installment of "What's in my bag?" I'm really not a video person, so I don't do packing videos. But, for ladies like me that don't pack a whole lot and have a HUGE JJB obsession, I decided just to show you what I carry in the bags that I have.

First up is my Pinky Swear BeLight that I use as my purse. Now, a little bit about myself: I am a very organized person, almost anal about it, but you could never tell by looking inside my purse. Before JJB it was a nightmare trying to find anything. Now, I have quicks and sets to help combat the battle of trying to find anything.

Set pieces are in the Olive Juice print.

Set pieces are in the Olive Juice print.

Here are the contents inside: wallet, sunglasses, one BeQuick, and one medium and small piece from the BeSet.


The small piece contains the cards from my wallet that I use most (quicker to grab when I need them), as well as my de-tagged Iconic coin purse that I actually use for loose change.


The medium piece holds my make-up.


For all the rest of the stuff that would normally be loose inside I have the BeQuick.

The two narrow pockets on the outside is where I keep my phone and any other small things.

But, what I personally love the most is the paci pod. Neither one of my daughters use a pacifier anymore, but an awesome friend of mine (and fellow Pink Lady) showed me a very creative way to use them.

Paci pod and custom anti bac holder are both in the Tokidoki Bubble Trouble print.

Paci pod and custom anti bac holder are both in the Tokidoki Bubble Trouble print.


So, lastly, rubber bands for both my daughter and myself and the donut brush from Claire's boutique.

As you can see, much more organized now and my brain is at ease when I have to end up looking for something. It's the small things.