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What's in my bag - Ju-Ju-Be Edition: Perky Toki BRB

Right here is the beauty of my entire far. She is also what I use as my diaper bag. I have a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old, since my oldest is pretty independent I don't use this bag to carry much for her. So, my youngest gets this one all to herself.

Just like with my BeLight, I don't like having anything loose in my bag. So, I utilize the Quicks I have set aside specifically for this bag.

Before we get int those, here's what I have inside: Huggies wipes holder that fits nicely in the two elastic bands, full-size fuel cell, and three BeQuicks.


Inside the Quicks: one for diapers (disposable, for both girls) and extra burping cloth; one for the aquaphor, Evian water refreshment spray & baby lotion; and the last one is for a few things I might carry instead of carrying my purse. I don't really put much in the mommy pocket in front, I might use it for quick access to my phone.

In the fuel cell I can fit three premade 8oz bottles and two small ice packs. I have learned of a new way to carry bottles with just the water while using small baggies that will hold two scoops of powdered formula (which should make 4oz per baggie). So, if I still wanted to carry three 8oz bottles, I would fill them with the appropriate amount of purified baby water, ditch the ice packs and throw in 6 baggies of powdered formula. Check out my instagram later for a visual of this method. 

Lastly, though they are mostly not used,I still carry a paci pod with two paficiers just in case...but it's mostly just for show 😉

In my next WIMB post I will show you how I pack my oldest daughter's BeLight.