Gimme Shelter

Yesterday I watched a movie I had been wanting to watch for a while, it's called "Gimme Shelter" with Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser. If you have never seen this film I would highly suggest it. I have never been a fan of Vanessa Hudgens, but I do have to give her a lot of credit for the transformation she made to play the role of Agnes "Apple" Bailey.

It really reminded me just how important it is to have a loving family. I have never had to struggle alone and I have never had to face a struggle that bad. I am the first to say that I have had a pretty good life. When it feels like it's bad I have to be grateful that it isn't the worst. But, the people faced with such difficult struggles like Apple are truly amazing and strong.

(If you've never seen the movie and don't like spoilers then stop reading now.)

At the beginning, Apple is living in some very rundown apartments and trying to leave the grip of her abusive mother to find her biological father (played by Fraser). She, herself, is combative, so once she meets him things don't go over well with him, his wife and two small children. He is wealthy and works on Wallstreet. She keeps stating her case, the only reason she is there is to get on her feet; she will find a job and a place of her own, but she needed to get away from the only life she knew. Then you find out why...she is pregnant. Her father and his wife do not believe she is in any position to have the baby. They are afraid they will inevitably end up with the burden, so they push her into having an abortion, they even make the appointment for her, but she is unable to go through with it and runs out of the clinic.

The rest of the movie is her up-hill battle to protect herself and her unborn baby girl. 

Protective instincts are a phenomenal thing. Carrying a child and becoming a mother changes you, it does. Even before your child is born you protect them and that is your job until your last breath. You will not be able to protect them from everything, but you can do your best. 

In the end, Apple finds a shelter for young mothers, she grows and forms bonds with the other girls. She turns things around for herself after realizing that she cannot expect things to just happen for her, she has to meet half way. She finds out that with enough determination and motivation you are able to do just about anything. The movie is a little depressing, but it inspired me to take a long look at my life and appreciate just everything and everyone I have. Sure, sometimes my kids (husband included) can be a huge pain in the ass, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.