My meter has run out.


It's 5:30 on Friday and I am 100% done with today. Actually, I'm 1000000% done with this whole week. It has been one stress after another and it's really been that way for the past month. 

My husband's work situation has changed, he was transferred to Pleasanton, TX - just south of San Antonio. So, we had to try to find a house, which we did last weekend. Then the fun part began - filling out the applications and waiting for approval, which we didn't find out until yesterday. Today I had to get the security deposit transferred and call about all our services. Turns out there's only one electricity provider out there, so I had to fill out a request for services. My husband thinks he is the only one that is stressed out and I just feel alone.

I'm really just..I give up. I'm calling a temporary surrender. I'll try again on Monday. In the meantime, I need several beers.