Cloth Diapers: Confessions of a Noob


I have passed the point of no return and entered into the cloth diapering community. I don't know what the hell I am doing, but I love it...and my daughter loves it too.

I read a book, I read information on the internet, I joined Facebook groups and it still reads like a foreign language to me, but I know I can do it. Once I find a system that works for both her and I then it will be easier. And, I'm not going to lie, I want easy. I want something as close to the world of disposable diapers as possible, because that's what I'm used to.

After reading and research and looking at all the different and popular brands, I have decided that, until I actually try them, the BumGenius Freetimes are my favorite. And, after finally being accepted into the BG bst group, I bought two. So, coupled with the two CDs I bought when I was still pregnant with Miss Sophia, that will make four CDs total...for now. I've already decided that I will buy at least two Sassybumz as soon as a print is released that is love.

This change in diapering has prompted me to also reevaluate my diaper bag situation. I had just downsized from a BRB to the hbb and now I'm thinking I need to go back to a BRB or maybe even a Be Prepared.

What made me change my mind about CDs? 

Well, Sophia is growing so fast. She just turned 6-months-old today and she's been in 4s for a little over two weeks. Zoey was at least 18 months before she fit in that size. Also, since Sophia is a little chunky monkey disposable diapers make her little upper thighs red from not only digging in but friction, too, since she's moving more, especially when she is in her bouncer. I could see a big difference for the little while I had her in her first cloth diaper yesterday.

I'm excited and nervous to start full-on cloth diapering. I'm going to start with CDs during the day and only using disposable at night until I can do a little more reading on what works best for nighttime heavy wetters.

Wish me luck!