It's Perky Toki. It's here and I swam in the craziness.


I stayed up, listened to my husband snore and Sophia make her sleepy baby noises. I played Restaurant Story on my phone for a bit, then put on some music and read Tumblr. The official JJB and Tokidoki release was happening at 12:15am PST, 2am didn't seem like it would be difficult to reach. I mean, some nights I find myself awake until 3 or 3:30. As 1:30 rolled around I decided to see what other ladies were doing. The anticipation was exciting. It's good to be excited about something. And it might seem odd to have this kind of enthusiasm for bags, but it's no different than waiting for the release of concert or movie tickets or an album on iTunes. 

The PL chat was buzzing, it was kind of great. 

2:14am hit and I refreshed the JJB Perky Toki page and there it was. All of the bags were live. I carted a Be Set and got to payment and decided it wasn't what I wanted. Then I carted a quick and paci pod, got to payment and decided it wasn't what I wanted. Then I carted a light, got to payment and decided it wasn't what I wanted. I couldn't make up my mind! What combination did I want? Did I even want this print as much as I thought I did? So, I took the night to sleep on it. After I woke up and Sophia was fed, I asked my husband what he thought and he said "Get what you want." So, I purchased a BRB :)

My first bag bought directly from JJB, I chose the free shipping, hopefully it won't take forever to get here lol

The simple things, they make me happy. My world revolves around my kiddos, but sometimes it doesn't. There's that rare occasion where I get to shift my focus just a tad and for just a second to something else that brings me joy. I'm not done just yet, this weekend I'll probably still end up getting the quick and paci pod and I'll be just as excited about it. Then my posts will go back to the chaos that is my life ❤️