Real Talk: Postpartum

When you hear the word postpartum it's usually associated with postpartum depression. And when you hear the words postpartum depression you probably think of a woman that looks like she's cried non-stop since the day her baby was born and thinks about harming herself or her child/children. But that's not all postpartum is about. All women go through the postpartum phase after childbirth and we all experience it in different ways. Let's talk about the things NO ONE talks about when it comes to postpartum. 

1. Your Mood

 What did everyone think was going to happen once your main source of hormone influx was suddenly gone? When you are pregnant everyone is so quick to blame everything on your hormones. "She's super bitchy today, it's those pregnant hormones." "She's so feisty when she's pregnant, oh those hormones." But, when you go from 100 to 0 it's kind of like slamming right into a brick wall. It's a drastic change and some of us aren't all rainbows and butterflies about it.

2. Getting Back to Normal Takes a While 

It takes a while to go back to your old self. Not just weight, but everything else, including your moods. Let's not forget about that awesome bleeding and granny panties and pads the size of yachts. If you've decided to bottle feed, it's takes time for your boobs to get used to the idea. "Oh, that's a nice top you're wearing. Did I just hear a baby cry?!" *cue the leaky boobs* 

3. Hair Loss 

Did you get super excited when your hair suddenly became awesome during your pregnancy? It was so healthy and full and bouncy and took no effort to look gorgeous. Well, what no one tells you is that it will ALL FALL OUT. My hair brush looks like an entire sorority used it after just one use. I have lost so much hair I wonder how I manage to still have any left. 

If you add up everything a woman goes through during and after pregnancy it would be enough to put you in an actual depression, but not all of us do. Sure, I might be sad and tired and stressed and worried, but I'm not going to do something stupid. And I'm not going to be afraid to talk about it, because I'm also happy and blessed and I laugh when my infant smiles and laughs and I love watching my two-year-old running and having r fun. My kids brought me new life and they breathe life into me everyday. I am human and I am not perfect, but I can deal with things as best I can and I ask for help when I need it. Don't be afraid to ask for help.