Through the wormhole: how my kids' pediatrician went from awesome to asshole

This week went by super fast and it started out bad, but ended with a wonderful Mother's Day spent at home with family. As I lay here watching my youngest daughter sleep and listening to my husband snore, I can't help but still be baffled by how the events of the week unfolded and I'm still in shock. 

During the last couple of months before Zoey was born I found myself still trying to find a pediatrician. I asked my sister (since she works in the children's hospital) if she had any recommendations. She gave me the name of a doctor that she has lots of experience with and told me he was great. So, I called the office and scheduled a time for my husband and I to go meet him. We got an awesome impression and liked his office manager, so we decided to stick with him. Once Zoey was born we had many appointments with him and he always helped us and never made us feel stupid for anything since we were first-time parents. We felt secure and comfortable with him, so the obvious thing to do once I found out I was pregnant with Sophia was to keep both our daughters with him. 

Her first appointments were pretty standard, her two-month check up was a bit chaotic because I stupidly made the mistake of having both girls' wellness exams together, but otherwise it was good. Until this past week... 

Sophia has been exhibiting symptoms of acid reflux, pretty much mirroring the same thing Zoey went through as a baby. With Zoey he prescribed Zantac right away and once we started her on it we noticed a huge difference. So, when we had finally exhausted every other solution with Sophia I decided to call the doctor to see if he could do the same thing. First off, his staff was rude when taking my messages. Second, the first day I called he wasn't even there, some other doctor was seeing his patients, a doctor I had never heard of before and since SHE had never seen my daughter she would not help me unless I took her in. Ok.

The following day I drove into town and brought her in. Our regular doctor was there and he was a TOTAL ass from the get go. When I kept suggesting it was acid reflux after he kept telling me to wait a few more days (as if letting her continue to be miserable was going to sit well with me), he got annoyed and told me that if I was going to tell him how to do his job then there were 60 other doctors we could go see. I let him schedule her for bloodwork and tests knowing full well that acid reflux and GERD are tough to clearly diagnose in infants. Of course the bloodwork came back fine and the upper GI ultrasound looked fine. When he called to give me the results he did not tell us how to proceed. I was confused. So, I scheduled her with a new doctor closer to us, but it wasn't for several days.

Then Friday things got real bad. She was in a lot of pain and vomiting. My husband went to Walgreens to talk to the pharmacist in a desperate attempt to see if there was anything more WE could do. While he was gone I tried one last time to see if the doctor would help. I called the answering service and they patched him through to me. When I pleaded for help and asked if we could at least TRY the Zantac he told me no and if we were that concerned to take her to the ER. I was in tears by the time my husband returned from the pharmacy. I told him what had just transpired on the phone and he told me the pharmacist said it sounded like classic acid reflux but the only way to get any relief is with a prescription for Zantac. And so we drove all the way into town at 10:30pm on Friday night to go to the children's hospital ER for something that could have just been handled over the phone or earlier in the week when I was at the doctor's office. After 5 hours we were able to walk out of there with the prescription that we needed and we have seen nothing but improvement since. She is already feeling better after feedings and sleeping better for naps and bed time. She's not miserable 98% of the time anymore. 

What I learned is that he wanted parents that will just follow his instructions blindly without having a mind of their own and with no question. When I suggested something different he accused me of telling him how to do his job and got offended. That isn't the kind of doctor I want for my children. I'm surprised it took me a little over two years to finally see his true colors, but we are walking away from his practice and never looking back.  

I will fight for my daughters and I will do whatever I need to in order to protect them. It's every parent's God given right. Don't mess with this momma hen, I'll bite back and you won't like it.