Let's Talk Babywearing - The Lillebaby SSC


I never knew a love for a carrier could be so strong. I discovered Lillebaby when I was browsing facebook one day. I follow a store in San Antonio called Go Baby Go, it's the closest store to me that sells SSCs, ring slings, wraps, cloth diapers, etc. They posted a picture of the Lillebaby Tokidoki Rebel and I was in love. The print is what got me, honestly. I thought it was super cute and I couldn't wait to wear Sophia around town sporting it. But, they were going to have a limited stock and they were limiting their sales to local mommas. Well, shit. I wasn't local and their 'complete' size sold out quick, all they had left was one CarryOn (which is meant for toddlers 12m+). I was sad. So, I joined the Lillebaby Love group on Facebook. I wanted to see what the community was like.

See, I had already had an experience with the Kinderpack community. Kinderpacks are extremely difficult to get because only a couple hundred are made per week and THOUSANDS of women flood their website on stock day (every Thursday). Thus, carting a carrier is hard. It's worse then when tickets go on sale for a really popular band. I would rather stand in line for hours at a ticketmaster retailer knowing I am guaranteed a ticket because i'm the third person in line than try for a Kinderpack. It's frustrating. Not only that, but the community of women is brutal. What is happening is people are flipping the carriers for profit. So, a KP that costs $179-$189 on their website will get bought by someone and then immediately put up for sale for $350+ on one of the babywearing b/s/t groups. Ladies that haven't been able to score get bitter about not scoring and flippers flipping. It's vicious. And the ladies that DO score on the website or who have bought a KP at the ridiculous market value have no sympathy for the women that can't score or afford a carrier for that much. It's really a negative community.

When I joined the Lillebaby community it was like a breath of fresh air. It was refreshing to see women encouraging other women and overall being positive. Even though at that point I hadn't even owned one of their carriers. I scoured EVERY SINGLE babywearing b/s/t group for one in the tokidoki print that I could afford and I finally found one.

Lillebaby is BY FAR the best carrier I have owned yet. I even stopped wrapping because it was much better at keeping my daughter cooler. And she definitely approves, because every time she is in it she falls asleep almost instantly. It's great. The lumbar support is HEAVEN, it doesn't even feel like I'm carrying her and the straps are extremely comfortable. The only thing about the toki is that it doesn't have a pocket for my phone. But, that is a minor thing, a very minor thing. I am a #Lillelover for life. I actually got my newest one in the mail today, a complete original in charcoal and finch. It's beautiful.


For someone whose children are impatient, SSCs are the way to go. They take less time to get on and get your kid in. With a wrap, it's easier to wrap it first before you leave the house, but then you have to wear it without a child inside, it looks weird. And when at home, I have to try to speed wrap when the baby is crying and it ends up too loose. The Lillebaby is the most comfortable I have worn. Sure, the Tula and Kinderpack prints are nice, but i'll take comfort over a cute print any time.