The Struggle is Real

On Monday I had one errand to run. The mission was to go to the post office and mail out a package. I thought to myself that I would not allow myself to be shackled to this house just because I have a terrorist for a toddler and a needy two-month-old. So, after lunch, once the baby was fed and before Zoey's nap I decided to was the longest 20 minutes of my life. Zoey was clingy, she wanted to be carried, so I had to (yet again) carry her while I pushed Sophia in the stroller. Once we got inside she was temperamental and didn't want anything to do with what was supposed to be a short trip. I had to carry her while I tried to fill out the address on the box and maneuver the stroller around the smallish post office clerk area. She was moody and crying and then Sophia started crying. It was a fiasco.

So, what is the plan for our post office trip today? Well, Zoey is just waking up so she won't be tired for a nap like last time. She will have milk and snacks and her toys and SHE will go in the stroller while I wear Sophia in the wrap.  Let's see if this plan of attack works a bit better. I sure hope it does because I have TWO packages to send out.