Is it too late to forfeit?

Today was a very emotionally draining day. I feel supremely mentally drained. I kept having to reschedule Zoey's two-year check-up and since Sophia's two-month appointment was coming up I figured "hey, why the hell not just take them both at the same time?" You know, the whole two birds, one stone thing? Yeah, I have never deeply regretted a parenting decision as much as this one. 

So, let's highlight all the wrongness of today. I scheduled the appointment for 2, which for Sophia is fine...but it's Zoey's typical nap time. About 20 minutes before leaving the house it was evident that she would be in challenge mode. She threw her first tantrum in the car when we parked and so I had to carry her (because she refused to walk on her own, instead she sat down on the pavement and cried) while pushing her sister in the stroller. 

Then, it was Sophia's turn for shots and though Zoey had none, she felt it was only right to share in Sophia's misery. So, I had two crying kids. Actually, let me rephrase that. I had one crying infant and one screaming toddler. Sophia got over it within a matter of minutes and was back asleep before we left, Zoey was still hiccup-crying and saying "no no no no no no" all the way out.  

Oh, and as a side note, when you see a mother that looks tired and exhausted and is carrying a toddler while trying to also push a stroller AND open a door to leave, maybe be considerate enough to help her open that door, since you don't have your hands full, instead of staring at her while she struggles. 

Nothing makes you feel more defeated than being stared at while you fail at life.