I'm that mom...and that mom and that mom


So, the end of the year is here and can we all admit that the mommy wars were a real stupid and idiotic thing? Time to get over it. I couldn't even enter the wars if I wanted to because I am every kind of mom. I am every single label. I wouldn't be able to keep track of what I hate or why I hate it. Who even has that kind of mental time? I'm trying to focus on keeping my children safe and alive on a daily basis, I don't have time to judge you when we are walking down the isle at Target or HEB. I have a hard enough time remembering to run the dishwasher before bed, I can't remember the mom I saw with the screaming child. And, so what if her child was screaming? You don't know her life, she could be the greatest mother in the world, but when a toddler turns into this...

I'm gonna just let you do your thing. 

I'm gonna just let you do your thing. 

You know full well that there is no magic jam that will turn them back into your normal kid.

And that woman that is bottle feeding her newborn, you don't know her story either. Just because your baby finds your beautiful & full bosom the most appealing meal on earth, some other women struggled tirelessly to get their baby to take to their more-than-ready breasts. You don't see the tears and sleepless nights, the emotional breakdown and the heartache at having to face the fact that no matter how excited they were to breastfeed, it just was not in the cards. And don't you DARE tell that mother or whisper under your foul breath that they didn't try hard enough. For some it comes easy and naturally, for others it doesn't - and that's ok. 

In turn, you see that woman that is breastfeeding in public? She is providing her child with a natural and nutritious meal. Before we sexualized the shit out of a woman's breasts, before you could see boobs plastered all over the media, their first and foremost purpose is to feed your baby. You don't want your kid to see a woman's fucking boobs? Just wait until he or she is at home, put it on HBO or leave them alone with a computer, they'll see them soon enough and, at that, they will be taught the WRONG things about breasts. Instead of looking at that woman with disgust and publicly shaming her, why don't you take that opportunity to teach your child about what she is doing. If my daughter was staring with curiosity I would stop and say, "Zoey, you see that woman? She is feeding her little baby. That's one of the ways you can feed a baby when they are born." And if she asked questions, I would answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability, because I am her mother and that's what mothers do. 

Then there are those that babywear, those that don't, those that let their children watch TV, those who don't, those who let their children play with electronic toys, and those that don't. WHO CARES?

At the end of the day - are your children happy? Are YOU happy? Mine are and I am, so really...what's the difference? 

Lets make 2016 the year where we just don't give a shit about what other mothers are doing, because unless you are hurting your child, it's none of my goddamn business HOW you choose to raise your children. There is no right or wrong (again, if you are not harming your children), there are just different women raising different children. You never know, the woman you are judging could have more in common with you than you think.