New Year, Same Clichés


I know it's been a few months. I thought about letting this go; I went through a really tough time and I realized that I was going through something more than just your run-of-the-mill unhappiness. I was suffering from postpartum depression. At first, I was embarrassed, I mean how could this be happening to me...ME? I had to get over the embarrassment real fast because it was affecting my marriage and my home life. I needed help, but, more than help, I needed support. I needed a support system and I desperately needed to stop feeling alone. 

As I scoured the Internet and Facebook for information - what to do and how to start. Immediately I found out that I was not alone and it is much more common than you think. Most of the symptoms are easy to dismiss or brush off as being a new mom or just exhausted. Also, it does not necessarily start right after birth, it can creep up on you months later. It's a hell of a thing to go through and PPD is a real sneaky bitch. 

So, after weeks of some soul searching and deep, deep work on myself I have decided to turn this blogging adventure into a haven for women who feel helpless and alone, like I did. Also, I didn't have a very good idea of what postpartum depression really is, I thought it was turning into a psycho and murdering your kids, because that is all you see in the news. You don't see headlines like "Local Woman So Sad That She No Longer Enjoys Small Things" or "Woman Breaks Into Rage Towards Husband For No Reason." The reality is you will likely never see those headlines or hear your friend talk about it, because they just won't think that's what they are going through. You will say to yourself "it's not that bad" and it might not be, but don't brush it off. There may be a mommy war, but we can wave our white flags for a minute to help a fellow mother in need.